Proper techniques for mold cleanup

What You Need To Consider About Mold Cleanup

by Stuart N. Concannon

These days there is a lot of talk about mold and mold remediation. If it has left you with a lot of questions, you will find the answers to some of your questions right here, just keep reading.

Water is the biggest reason that you are likely to find mold in your house. It might be that you have a leak or it could be a case of excessive humidity. Some areas are more susceptible to the development of mold. Especially areas such as bathrooms that do not have proper ventilation, basements, crawl spaces, attics and wall interiors.

It is not always necessary to call professionals in to clean up mold. Often the homeowner can do it themselves. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that if the area is small than 10 square feet, the owner of the house can safely clean up the mold. The EPA has also stated that most mold is not toxic and so there is no need to test each time mold is found.

Contrary to popular belief, bleach does not necessarily kill mold, it may, but is not guaranteed. While it can be used to clean it up, it is not an EPA approved method of killing mold. To kill mold, you should use an EPA approved biocide to do the job.

Most of the recommended mold cleaners can be found at hardware stores and home centers. For your safety, you should always wear protective gear, such as a breathing mask and rubber gloves when cleaning up any mold. This will help ensure that you do not inhale any mold spores and will protect your skin.

Before you begin mold cleanup, you will want to find the source of the problem and put a stop to it. This could be a leaking pipe or a window that needs to have new caulk put around it to keep the elements out. It may even mean purchasing a dehumidifier to keep the humidity in the room under control. If you are not able to locate the source of the problem, you may want to contact a mold inspector to help you find the problem and remedy it.

If you find mold, do not panic. It is probably not toxic, and it is likely that you can handle the mold remediation yourself for a fraction of what you will pay if you call in professionals. Using the proper tools and the right protection will ensure a safe cleanup and a mold free home.

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