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When it comes to ridding your home of mold, getting rid of carpet mold has to be one of the most difficult chores to face. Not only is it immensely hard to scrub out of its surface, but heaven help you should it begin growing underneath it. However, there are plenty of ways to prevent carpet mold.

One of the best ways to get rid of carpet mold is to prevent it from forming at all. You can do this by simply going about your usual chores—vacuuming and the occasional steam clean can do wonders for keeping mold at bay.

Another crucial thing to consider when preventing carpet mold is the issue of moisture. Mold needs two things to thrive: dampness and an ideal surface. Unfortunately, carpeting is about as ideal as you can get when it comes to breeding mold. You can help significantly in holding mold at bay simply by keeping your carpet clean and dry. Keeping it dry is the most important part—you can manage this by cleaning up spills and puddles as soon as you find them.

Humidity is another unfortunate factor that encourages carpet mold. If you live in a climate that’s naturally humid, particularly in the summertime, you may find yourself at a loss. However, by installing a few dehumidifiers here and there, you’ll be surprised at just how much they help in keeping the air from being saturated with spores.

A big step in removing carpet mold that not many homeowners consider is their ventilation system. Many don’t realize there’s anything wrong until they have their home tested for spores and discover that they’ve been lurking in the vents all along. Dark, damp, and a natural trap for dust and mites, mold thrives in its depths as well. Worst of all, every time your air kicks on, mold spores are distributed to every room in your home.

By having your vents cleaned regularly, you can prevent mold spores from forming there. Many duct cleaners will also spray newly cleaned vents with a special solution that helps to prevent mold from growing there for much longer.

Keeping your house free of carpet mold may seem like an impossible endeavor. However, by keeping up with your chores and having your house tested regularly, you will be able to make a difference in the cleanliness of your home.

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Here’s a great article on Carpet Mold…I saw a similiar piece at Mold Remediation Maryland which made some of the same points.

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